Our Family

Families are messy. Families have issues. When issues become more than the usual crazies, extra help may be needed. At the current time, our facility provides a home for a number of groups that provide some of that help. Our current groups are  listed below. (If you want to start a new group, contact the office for help. Once started, we will include  it on the website and Facebook feed).  We see participants as part of our messy family. We hope you will see us the same way.

If you’ve made it this far  you have probably realized that we won’t shove our beliefs and ideals in your face. We do believe in Jesus Christ as Our Lord And Savior. The mission of the Church is to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. We know (because we know what we know what is hanging out in own closet) that we are all struggling children of God…..  Some of us don’t like “church” because of what happened in the past. Sometimes we’ve heard the bad experiences of others and we figure all churches must be the same. How about giving these groups, if not us, a chance?

Are we (the group as well as this church) willing to celebrate your year (or month or week or day or hour)  of sobriety? Indeed!

Will we cry with you if you back slide? Yep. And we have coffee, hugs (if wanted) and tissue.

Will we pray with you? Absolutely. If you decide to join us, will we welcome you? Yes.

Well behaved dogs are welcome.

All of these are OPEN meetings.

NA Meeting Schedule

Monday 6 pm Awakening

Tuesday noon Living Clean

Wednesday noon Awakenings

Thursday, noon Awakening

Thursday, 6 pm Awakening (men)

Living Clean, 6 pm

Friday, noon Awakening

Friday 6 pm Living Clean