Our Family

Sometimes extra support may be needed. At the current time, our facility provides a home for a number of groups that provide some of that help. Our current groups are listed below. (If you want to start a new group, contact the office for help. Once started, we will include  it on the website and Facebook feed).  We see participants as part of our family. We hope you will see us the same way.

We care about serving all and those who may need that extra support. Come join a group today!

Are we (the group as well as this church) willing to celebrate your year (or month or week or day or hour)  of sobriety? Indeed!

Will we cry with you if you back slide? Yep. And we have coffee, hugs (if wanted) and tissue.

Will we pray with you? Absolutely. If you decide to join us, will we welcome you? Yes. Will we reject you if you don’t? Not a chance.

Will we welcome you, your friends and even your well behaved pet? Of course.


All of these are OPEN meetings.

NA Meeting Schedule

Sunday 3 pm Living Clean

Monday 8 am & 6 pm Awakening

Monday 8 pm Living Clean

Tuesday 12 pm Living Clean

Tuesday 7 pm Healing Yoga

Wednesday 12 pm Awakenings

Thursday 12 pm Awakening

Thursday 5 pm Bariatric Support Group

Friday 12 pm Awakening

Friday 10 pm Living Clean


(These meetings are subject to change without notice. Please know that there is at least one meeting each day of the week.)