“Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors”

At La Grande United Methodist Church, we try each day to put this into action:


Each week, our building is busy. These activities are open to new participants. And, we don’t stay within the walls of the building. We roam, too!


NA Meeting Schedule

Monday 6 pm Awakening

Tuesday noon Living Clean

Wednesday noon Awakenings

Thursday, noon Awakening

Thursday, 6 pm Awakening (men)

Living Clean, 6 pm

Friday, noon Awakening

Friday 6 pm Living Clean



Overeaters Anonymous

Meets on Tuesdays at 7:00 pm

Third Column

Indoor Play Park

During the school year, we host play time Monday through Thursday, from 9 to 11:30. In  our Fellowship Hall  preschoolers and their care providers gather  at our In Door Park.  It is provided without charge.

Bible Study

Bible Study

Each Tuesday, September through May, at 2:00 pm, a lively group gathers for Bible Study. The Pastor attempts to lead it. 


On  Wednesday evenings, September through mid-June, the choir meets for practice and to prepare for the upcoming service. 

Un Finished Objects

UFOs (Un Finished Objects)

The UFOs (Un Finished Objects) meet in Fellowship Hall from 9 – 12 each Thursday. They work on projects, laugh, share and help each other and others..


First thing on Fridays at Joe & Sugar’s…

On Friday mornings at 7 am, (yes, that’s 7 am!)  a group meets at Joe & Sugar’s. They share and provide support and encouragement while solving the world’s problems.

Happy hookers 2

Crocheted by Happy Hookers

The last Tuesday evening of each month, the Happy Hookers gather to trade patterns, yarn, help and friendship.


During the school year, on the last Friday evening of the month, we open the doors for Game Night, snacking and laughter. All ages and stages are welcome. 

Saturday is Woodlot Day

The second Saturday each month, we gather to cut and stack firewood that is then provided free of charge for emergency heat. We donate another Saturday morning to loading the wood into trucks for those in need.

adopt a highway

Twice a year, we do our part to make Union County look good! (Our next clean up will be in the fall.)


We have an on going food collection and supplies donation that is delivered to the food bank once a month. We  collect this on the second Sunday of the month.


Church out of Church.

Anytime there is a month with five Sundays, we go out and “DO”. We call this Church Out Of Church. We may do yard work for someone who needs help or for one of the local nonprofit organizations. We may fix a porch, help someone move, paint a patio, or, well, you get the idea. We also have a crew inside the church. They may make and send cards to the shut-ins or those ill. They prepare emergency bags for us to keep in our cars and give to those in need as they hitch through the area. They may even make pillowcases to give to those in assisted living or are in other life challenging events. There are activities for all ages and capabilities.